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On Site Catering 
We Cook at Your Location

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Serving the best tasting BBQ Since 1989! We've been in Culver City for 35 years.

Owner Jim Rodrigues spent his first 21 years in Santa Maria and

is the only native Santa Marian doing it in LA.

Accept no imitation!

We are not affiliated with any other outfit 

using the name Santa Maria BBQ.

Jim still answers every call and email and will be happy to tell you more about us!


Santa Maria Style Barbecue is a regional culinary tradition

dating back to the mid-19th century from the Santa Maria Valley.

It is centered around Tri Tip Sirloin dry rubbed with special Santa Maria Seasoning. 

The Tri Tip is then placed on a hand cranked iron grill which is lifted or lowered to keep the meat at the perfect temperature while cooking over a Red Oak wood fire.

Today it is regarded as a mainstay of California’s culinary heritag

Menu updated May 24, 2024



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